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Standard Frontend / UI Team Lead Engineer für Start Up in Berlin

Over the past 12-18 months our client has built a good looking but fairly basic product in order to fully understand what their users are looking for, they are however now at the stage where the next phase of growth requires a broad overhaul of all aspects of their frontend tech stack, their approach, the management and direction of the team and their overall user experience.

In order to achieve this they are looking to hire a highly experienced and highly talented hands on Frontend Tech Lead to define and build a brand new, highly scalable and performant front end architecture which will look great across mobile, tablet and desktop applications.

Essential Skills / Experience /Background Required;

• A focus on writing clean HTML5, CSS3 with progressive enhancement at its core.
• Expert level OOJS with associate modern frameworks (Angular / Ember / Backbone etc.) and the ability to select and evangelise the most suitable frameworks for the job. You should be able to recognise which framework would offer the best solution in order to deliver the best possible user experience whilst allowing SEO, page load, accessibility to be optimised.
• Strong experience of SASS & the principles of OOCSS.
• Experience of responsive design and building for mobile platforms.
• A background of having worked closely with designers and other developers to quickly prototype.
• You should have experience of technical leadership in order to help build, develop and lead the front-end team.
• A background of working closely with backend (open source focused) developers.

Desirable Skills

• Some experience with backend open source tech (Python / Django would be preferable however PHP, Ruby on Rails etc. would also be suitable).
• A strong focus on visual design and knowledge of UX best practices.

Our client accepts international applications and offers Visasponsoring.
Interested candidates should send their CV to hr@buerolersch.de
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