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Pfeil CSS Tips & Tricks

CSS Resources, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks (please report broken links)

CSS Tutorials (all-in-one) http://www.thefixor.com/code_css.php#tutor

Tutorials, Demos, and Hacks http://nemesis1.f2o.org/links

Florida State University Webmaster - Curriculum Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 2.1) Reference

1. Rebuilding a Site With Standards http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/talks/2...ebuilding.html

2. W3C Web Style Sheets CSS tips & tricks http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/

3. Tables or CSS? Choosing a layout http://www.saila.com/usage/layouts/cssvtables.shtml

4. Tableless Layout with CSS HowTo (W3C) http://www.w3.org/2002/03/csslayout-howto.html.en

5. How to build a web site without tables http://www.mako4css.com/Tutorial.htm

6. CSS Quick Reference http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/...css_index.html

7. CSS Bugs and Workarounds http://css.nu/pointers/bugs.html

8. How to hide CSS from buggy browsers http://w3development.de/css/hide_css_from_browsers/

9. Hiding CSS form Netscape 4+ http://www.v2studio.com/k/css/n4hide/

10. External link icons the CSS way: http://www.kryogenix.org/days/173.html

11. CSS Top Menu Combination - Does not work in Internet Explorer 6.0. It does work in Mozilla 1.4., Opera 6.0., and Safari 1.0. http://moronicbajebus.com/playground/cssplay/top-menu/

12. Hover Sidebar with CSS - It is known to work in Mozilla 1.3b or later (though in Mozilla 1.4a it was buggy but then was fixed) and it also works in Opera 7.0. But alas, it does not work in Internet Explorer 6.0 because Internet Explorer does not support :hover on anything but hyperlinks (<a>). http://moronicbajebus.com/playground...hover-sidebar/

13. Erlarger Button Menu with CSS - Overlapping the other elements: http://moronicbajebus.com/playground...r-button-menu/ This does not work in Internet Explorer.

14. Reformat the tables with CSS - It works in Mozilla 1.4+ and Opera 7.0. It does not work in Windows Internet Explorer 6. http://moronicbajebus.com/playground...eformat-table/

15. Image replacement - no span with CSS - This works great in Windows Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.4+, and Opera 6+; but in Windows Internet Explorer 5 nothing shows up. This can easily be solved, note of problem and solution courtesy... http://moronicbajebus.com/playground...e-replacement/

16. Mark you jump - You need a browser that supports CSS3. This is where the time traveling comes in because as of today (2003/2/June) CSS3 is still in the draft stage; but you are in for some luck Mozilla 1.3 does support :target—those wacky Mozilla people. http://moronicbajebus.com/playground.../markyourjump/

17. Horizontal Menu using CSS http://moronicbajebus.com/playground/cssplay/hormenu/

18. Add banner positioning with CSS http://www.peterbailey.net/test/banner.htm

19. Box Model Hack http://www.tantek.com/CSS/Examples/boxmodelhack.html

20. Designing for two Style Sheets - This method is suitable for use when you have a site that is laid out using CSS positioning as opposed to tables, and where the content is likely to get displayed badly in older browsers.
By carefully planning your layout you can create an alternate stylesheet that will display correctly in older browsers and still be able to do an advanced CSS layout for the rest. http://www.edgeofmyseat.com/showarticle.do?AID=5

21. CSS-driven tabs http://www.clagnut.com/writings/csstabs/

22. CSS: Mix and match Classes http://catcode.com/csstips/classes.html

23. CSS: Graphic List Bullets http://catcode.com/csstips/graphic_list.html

24. CSS: Centered Tables http://catcode.com/csstips/center_table.html

25. CSS and Netscape 4.xx Issues - The market share of browsers that do not support any CSS is now below 0.5%. Therefore web developers have more freedom to actually separate content (HTML) and presentation (CSS).
The biggest challenges that web developers face when implementing CSS is backwards compatibility and browser support. http://www.mako4css.com/Issues.htm

26. Mark external links on your site (and others!) http://www.sitepoint.com/newsletter/...&format=html#6

27. CSS Positioning Properties http://www.miswebdesign.com/resource...roperties.html

28. CSS Menus - Uberlink CSS Rollovers: http://www.projectseven.com/tutorial...t_01/index.htm

29. CSS-TD CSS Table Design: http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/css_t/index.htm

30. Navigation Menu without Images: http://www.bravenet.com/resources/ti...p.php?view=160

31. Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP: http://www.1976design.com/blog/archi...p-dynamic-css/

32. max-width in Internet Explorer: http://www.svendtofte.com/code/max_width_in_ie/

33. The Basics of Positioning http://www.communitymx.com/content/a....cfm?cid=3B56F

34. Creating radically different list options http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/

35. CSS Rollover Tutorial http://info.vilesilencer.com/main.ph...=css_tute1.php


Tools and Utilities (please report broken links)

1. Build tableless (with CSS) pages with this free online tool: http://www.fu2k.org/alex/css/layouts...Absolute.mhtml

2. User Style Sheet Wizzard http://www.techdis.ac.uk/seven/wizards/user-style.html

3. FREE Accessible Forms Creator Desktop Software (for building forms with CSS or tables): http://www.hisoftware.com/access/valueadd9.html

4. Style Master - CSS Web Page layout Editor for Windows and Macintosh: http://www.westciv.com/style_master/

5. Layout-Matic - Generates CSS for formatting lists in a variety of forms: http://www.inknoise.com/experimental/layoutomatic.php
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